The Astral Boutique

We are the creators of one of the most amazing ritual tools that you will ever use! Crystal Candles. Magickally made to aid you in your spiritual jorney, based on Crystal Healing, Floral Alchemy and Aromatherapy. Conjured with white light and inspiration from the the goddesses. We provide you of magick Potions, mists, incense, healing jewels and curiosities for the Modern Witch.


Divine scented and quality, long lasting magickal candles, with crystals and intention within to aid you in any specific or daily needs. Also the seller is very approachable and kind, and ensures that the customers are always happy and satisfied with the purchase. I'm a happy return customer, can't wait to try all the other amazing products they offer

Andrea Gyenes

just received my first order...your candles are beautiful and smell amazing

Karen del Valle

The quality of these products is phenomenal. The care and handwritten card with my order was also so wonderful. Do yourself a favor and get anything White Magick. Smells so good you could just fricken cry. <3 <3 <3 <3

Kimberly Wilcox

I'm so glad I found The Astral Boutique on Insta because now I'm a lover for their candles. They smell good and I love how they look when first opened. I also love how there is a detailed description for each candle on the page. =)

Joyleen C

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