Full Moon Rituals

Full Moon Rituals

Moon rituals, has their secrets, the best way for making a sucessfull Full Moon Ritual is using your New moon rituals in conjuction. New moon is all about beginnings and what you want to manifest, Full Moon is for releasing, and complexion.

Manifest, during a New Moon and set your intentions.
Release, during the Full Moon, and remove what is blocking you from what you want to manifest.

1. Cleansing!
Clear the bad energies of your space or house, so your intentions and manifestations can come in. Use your favorite sage smudge or palo santo, light a candle in front of you and do your manifest. Cleanse your house or space from the back door to the front with the intention of releasing what is blocking you.

2. Cleasing bath after the Full Moon Ritual
This will benefit the release of what you requested to the universe to let go. Visualize the things that doesn´t work for you any more going down the drain.

Use two full hands of epsom salt or sea salt (not table salt) and toss it into a tub of warm water, If you don´t have a tub but a shower you can make this scrub: 

- Grab a clean glass bowl or pot
- Add 2 full hands of sea, epson or himalayan salt
- Add 2 or 3 drops of Lavender essential oil, or 1 hand of raw lavender buds.

Light a scented candle or incense, you can play music or sign if you want.

Say this prayer

Crystals for Full Moon meditation

Selenite - Labradorite - Moonstone - Opal

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