New Moon Ritual

New Moon Ritual

The New Moon is the first lunar phase when the Moon and Sun have the sam ecliptic longitude. Because the Earth, the sun, and the moon are all perfectly aligned, the tides are at their lowest. The New Moon is one of the most defining phases of the lunar cycle and water (the element that rules our emotions). New Moon means New beginnings and New opportunities time to get rid of the old things that don't work for you anymore and set new intentions. If the Moon is able to renovate herself and start over with every New Moon Phase why can't you?

This is a very simple ritual that works for anyone it doesn't matter which religion or beliefs you have!

You will need:

* New Moon Candle (or any candle you have at hand)
* Crystals
* Sage Smudge, Incense, or Palo Santo
* Paper or a notebook

The Ritual and the "altar" set up

*First of all, clean, cleanse the space where you will perform the ritual, get rid of clutter, sweep the floor, clean the dust, etc. Then you will be able to smudge and cleanse the atmosphere.

In moon rituals, we set up our altar facing one of the 4 cardinal points, Each one manifest something different so here it goes:

-North: Corresponds to the Earth and health, enhance your intuition since this is the most powerful position. Face North to heal your body and spirit.

-South: Corresponds to the element of Fire, love issues, relationships or anything related to romantic nature, also face south for creativity.

-East: Corresponds to the element of Air, career opportunities, new business opportunities, new beginnings and financial matters (this is the position I recommend the most).

-West: Corresponds to the element of Water, the ruling element for emotions, face west to letting go and moving on, increase your self-esteem, cleansing, forgiving.

Once chosen the direction you will face, you can start performing the ritual

  • Smudge the place
  • Light your candle (Safely Please, thanks!) and gather your crystals around it while you say:
    “Welcome back, Moon! We’re glad to see you again. Another cycle has passed another month gone by and our lives have moved forward.”
  • Start writing down your new goals, and intentions to complete during this new cycle (make a list with long term and short term goals as well)
  • Read them loudly while your smudge and hold your crystals, (don't be so loud if you can't) by physically speaking them you symbolize your intention to manifest your goals.
  •  Save your notes
  • As part of this ritual, act towards your intentions and goals, make it happen! you will be surprised by what you can accomplish.
  • You can take your crystals out so they can charge with your new intentions.
  • Blow the candle and give Thanks,
    “I give thanks with open arms. For all that there has been. I open still for all that flows. And comes from the unseen.”


Hope You Like it, if you have any questions send me a DM or an email to

Blessed Be, 



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