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Recycle your tins!!

The main purpose for which we decided to use aluminum cans is to encourage recycling. The cans used in our candles can be reused in many ways. They can be very useful once they are cleaned!

How to clean the tins?

Once you use your candle, remove the remaining wax with a spoon, or a chopstick, and wash it with dish soap and hot water (please don't use the same sponge you use for washing your dishes). Dry well and voilà.

What can I use the tins for?

You can use to store whatever you want (no food please!)

    • Crystals
    • Crafts
    • Seashells
    • Herbs (that aren't meant to be consumed)
    • Jewels
    • Cotton
    • And much more!

Help us to save the planet!




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