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Custom Crystal Astral Candle
Custom Crystal Astral Candle
Custom Crystal Astral Candle
Custom Crystal Astral Candle

Custom Crystal Astral Candle

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We can create your very own Crystal Candles made to order, based on your needs or purposes you want to achieve.

Once you purchase your Custom Candle we will send immediately a form or email for you to tell us more about your request such as:

*What magic purpose are you expecting your candle have? (Promoting Love, happiness, creativity, bonding, Prosperity, Good luck, etc.)

*What are your favorite fragrances? (We always can suggest fragrances based on the magic purposes of your candle.

We will suggest the right crystals, flowers, and colors that match your candle properties.

Please Note the following:

1. Each Crystal Candle takes between 1.5 or 2 weeks to be crafted while we gather your custom ingredients, and for curing. (Curing time guarantees your candle will burn and smell perfectly)

2. We have few spots of Custom Candles available per month if you are not able to purchase it, let us know via email hello.astralcandles@gmail.com or Instagram and we will save a spot for you!

3. Custom candles are made in 10 Oz black tumbler jars (if you wish another type of size or container just let us know in the email and we will talk about pricing)  


Our candles are 100% Vegan, non-toxic and cruelty-free .