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Purify and cleanse your space with the easy-to-use Palo Santo Ritual Spray. This spray will impart all of the many healing benefits of Palo Santo to your sacred space while the included clear quartz helps to amplify the vibrations of any intentions you are setting. 

How and when to use

Palo Santo has great healing benefits, it's great for boosting creativity, removing energy blockages, or unwanted energies, cleansing spaces, cleansing yourself and so many other uses! that makes it very versatile so you can use it anytime, anywhere. The clear quartz point will amplify any intentions you set to it. Just shake the bottle with your both palms (like a prayer position) and visualize what you need to get rid of, then spray yourself (or your space) with a surrounding movement 

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use, set your intentions by shaking the bottle, visualize it charging with positive energies ready to heal you. 

INGREDIENTS: Witch Hazel, Palo Santo Oil, Palo Santo Sticks Vitamin E Oil, Clear Quartz Point 4 Fl. Oz