Necromancer Candle


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Necromancer Candle
Necromancer Candle

Our Necromancer Candle 💀 is a remembrance of the dead. When looking at a skull it is hard not to be awakened, after all, it is a confrontation with the fact that we mortals. Every culture throughout history has had a similar response – and shaped customs and their own beliefs.⁣

The skull is often seen as a sign of death and with negative or Tama vibrations associated with it but, skulls serve numerous symbolic purposes such as being worn as a magical protection charm. While it’s correct that skulls are significant to civilizations and a lot of religions, the fascination with them is unique. It might be argued that it is somewhat morbid – and which might be true – however, there’s a specific quality of calmness for this. Everything in these ideologies refers to embracing life.⁣

Intentions: Honoring the Deceased, Transition, transcendence, rebirth
Candle Magick: Dark Purple, Purple candles are used to aid meditation, for enhancing psychic ability, awakening your 3rd eye chakra, intuition, visions, scrying, divination, astral travel, past-life work, fortune telling, bringing wisdom, spiritual power, increasing your magical powers, enhancing spiritual activities, help make contact with the spiritual world, spiritual awakening, spiritual protection, ancient wisdom, to remove curses, for healing, enthusiasm, idealism, financial affairs, business success, material wealth


All The Elements in our candles are purposedly used to achieve the desired magick and intentions, please advise they are not simple decorations but intentionally used elements.

Please Read Our Candle Care and Safety Section HERE
Highest Grade Crystals ☆ 100% Soy Wax ☆ Certified Organic Herbs ☆ Vegan
Burn Time 30 to 40 hrs - 8 Ounces Tin Can with Lid
Necromancer Candle
Necromancer Candle