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Includes ethically sourced sea shells instead pearls

The Sea Goddess Candle is inspired by all the deities of the world that are associated with Sea, Oceans and rivers, the element of water and the divine feminine.

Water 🜄  is the ruling element of emotions, this candle is designed to harness powerful water Magick it’s infused with water related flowers and ethically sourced sea shells

This candle features a fresh salty fragrance reminiscent of the Sea.

Intentions: Emotion balance + Intuition + Healing + Learning
Crystal: Rainbow Fluorite
Herbs: Jasmine, Lavender Buds and Blue Cornflowers (water herbs)
Candle Magick: 
Blue Candles are good to use in spells pertaining to spiritual well being, meditation, healing, rest, serenity, patience and kindness, inner calm, peace from within, sincerity, influencing fidelity and loyalty,

All The Elements in our candles are purposedly used to achieve the desired magick and intentions, please advise they are not simple decorations but intentionally used elements.

Please Read Our Candle Care and Safety Section HERE
Highest Grade Crystals ☆ 100% Soy Wax ☆ Certified Organic Herbs ☆
Burn Time 30 to 40 hrs - 8 Ounces Tin Can with Lid