Due High Demand ALL our Apothecary Items, Candles, and Bath Potions Products may have a delay of 1 week for the shipping. We promise the wait is worth it! :) Thank you so much for your patience!

Shipping and Policies

AstralCandles are 100% Vegan and Organic cruelty-free made from Soy Wax, certified organic flowers and herbs, non-toxic glitter and cotton/wood wicks and vegetable coloring. As our candles are not mass produced and made from natural ingredients, each candle is slightly different same with crystals used, remember they are natural formations and the can vary a lot in shape or color. 

Our candles may have, frosting or discoloration (this is a natural process of the soy wax since our candles are made from organic wax with no additives or preservatives)

Shipping and Returns

If you have any issues with your candle, just email us. We will find the best way to help you with your orders. All sales are final, we don´t refund.

Purchasing our candles mean you accept our statements and terms. Please go to our FAQ page if you have any question before purchasing our candles. 

We are not responsible for any injuries, damages or losses, please read our candle care and safety section.

1-2 Business days for shipment
Domestic Shipping (United States)
Flat rate of $7.50 Priority Mail Envelope (Up to 4 6oz candles) in the same rate.


  • Australia: Flat rate of $33.95 up to 1kg (2.20462lb) Priority Mail Envelope
  • Canada: Flat rate of $23.95 up to 1kg (2.20462lb)