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Lilith was created equal to Adam and wanted to be treated as such, with special emphasis given to her sexuality – she did not want to be dominated, but to take the dominant role herself. She is the remembrance of female empowerment, sexuality, fertility, and power. When we honor Lilith and seek to reconnect with her and allow her wisdom to bring healing into our lives and integration of our shadow aspects, it's helpful to do so during the time of the Dark Moon.

Lilith is associated with the Fire 🜂 element which represents passion, inspiration, energy and sex magick. The energy represented by fire is helpfull when controlled but volatile if left unchecked.

Lilith features a spicy Cinnamon fragrance with middle notes of clove and lower notes of sugar and wood

Intentions: Empowerment - Sex Magick - Fertility - Wealth - Energy
Crystal: Black Obsidian and Pyrite chips
Roses and Cinnamon Stick
Candle Magick: 
Red candles are used to manifest Power, protection, grounding, good fortune, courage, pride, lust, strenght, passion and willpower.

All The Elements in our candles are purposedly used to achieve the desired magick and intentions, please advise they are not simple decorations but intentionally used elements.

Please Read Our Candle Care and Safety Section HERE
Highest Grade Crystals ☆ 100% Soy Wax ☆ Certified Organic Herbs ☆ Vegan
Burn Time 30 to 40 hrs - 8 Ounces Tin Can with Lid