Crystal Elixir Water Bottle
Crystal Elixir Water Bottle
Crystal Elixir Water Bottle
Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

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Water reacts to vibrations, and when combined with crystals produces a powerful healing Crystal Elixir, that grants you all the healing properties of crystals. Infuse your body and soul with positivity by charging your daily drinking water with healing powers and wisdom of crystals.

Different from other water bottles, our bottles are handmade in small batches, we carefully check and hand-select all our components and crystals to ensure the best quality and safety. 

Choose Between Amethyst or Rose Quartz!

💜AMETHYST: Is calming and an ideal crystal for meditation and peace.  Balances patience, inner peace and stabilize your emotions. Amethyst opens the gateway to divine consciousness and higher intuition by providing clarity when there's confusion in the mind. Amethyst can even help with cell regeneration, insomnia, mood swings, and immunity. It is also known as the "Traveler’s Stone," providing extra protection while you're out on the road, exploring new places.

🌸 ROSE QUARTZ  is a stone of the heart, a crystal of unconditional Love.  It aids in the discovery of self-love while attracting love, compassion, and acceptance of things and people. It helps open your heart to give and receive love. It brings peace, can heal old hurts, and can help you to find a wide open and balanced heart


  • Natural quartz, borosilicate glass BPA free, & stainless steel
  • Height: 9.75"; Diameter: 2.75"
  • Volume: 16 oz
  • Hand wash components, glass bottle is dishwasher safe
  • Crystals are natural formations, shape and color may vary.
  • Charge your crystals alone or with the filled bottle to make moon elixir

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